Helping Advisors Help Clients


“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.”

Howard Thurman

I’ve been blessed/cursed with an endless appetite for entrepreneurship, investment markets, and the human behavior driving both. Through 25 years as an advisor, client, investor, portfolio manager, and solutions provider I’ve been a lifelong student who has stumbled into a few general beliefs:

  1. All retirement aspirations start with higher income and higher saving
  2. Most would benefit from a financial planning/coaching relationship
  3. Many are more likely to stay on track if they account for the behavioral challenge of investing
  4. Some enjoy understanding what they own and why they own it
  5. A few will get sold a load of crap that benefits a salesperson more than themselves

That last belief is a stain on the overwhelming majority of advisors looking to help their clients, thankfully those who’ve shared their voice have shown a more transparent, goal-centric model for those seeking actual financial advice.

Professionally, I’m doubly blessed, teaming with a group that enthusiastically shares my beliefs. In my role as Head of Advisor Experience at Aptus, I get to hear how entrepreneurial advisors run their business, offer a few ideas of my own regarding investments and practice management, and sit in a position to deliver value for both the advisor and his/her client. My true ikigai, what more could I want?

This blog is my attempt to stimulate thoughts and conversations, by sharing the best ideas I can find in the book/web/podcast universe and adding my own .02. I love talking shop, and welcome any ideas you care to share; social media has given me the opportunity to collaborate and respectfully debate topics of interest to me and I hope I can contribute to the collective discussion.

Feel free to reach out anytime at, I thank you for stopping by and look forward to discussing the intersection of financial advice, investment management, and advisor/client communications.